MOZART Snap-Off Blade TIN HRC 65 Hardness 18mm

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MOZART Snap-Off Blade TIN HRC 65 18mm is enhanced with a TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating and boasting an HRC 65 hardness level. This premier edition blade combines high-carbon ice-hardened steel with the added durability and friction-reducing benefits of a TiN coating, setting a new standard in the realm of precision cutting tools. The 18mm snap-off design, ideal for various professional applications, allows for quick blade adjustments to maintain peak sharpness and efficiency. Each blade is safely encased in a dispenser and presented on a blister card, emphasizing user safety and convenience for effortless and secure blade changes. Proudly crafted in Solingen, Germany using sophisticated manufacturing processes and strict quality control. These blades exceed the rigorous demands of professionals, ensuring unparalleled reliability, performance and longevity.

  • High-Carbon Ice-Hardened Steel with HRC 65 Hardness: Provides unmatched durability and edge retention for intensive use.
  • TiN Coating: Enhances blade longevity and reduces cutting friction, offering smoother cuts and less material adhesion.
  • 18mm Snap-Off Design: Enables easy access to a sharp edge, improving cutting precision and workflow efficiency.
  • Safety Dispenser Packaging: Designed for secure blade access and handling, minimizing injury risks during blade replacements.
  • Solingen Craftsmanship: Manufactured in the renowned city of Solingen, Germany, known for its exceptional quality blades, ensuring superior performance and quality.


Size: 10 Pack