MOZART Snap-Off Blades 9mm

Sale price$5.69

Made of high-carbon ice-hardened steel. Our snap-off blades represent the pinnacle of precision and durability for professional cutting work. Each blade is meticulously engineered to provide unparalleled sharpness and longevity, ensuring that every cut is clean and precise. Conveniently packed in a safety dispenser, these blades are designed for ease of use and safe handling, minimizing the risk of accidents during blade changes. Proudly 100% made in Solingen, Germany, these blades embody the tradition of German craftsmanship, combining advanced manufacturing techniques with rigorous quality control to deliver a product that exceeds professional standards.

  • High-Carbon Ice-Hardened Steel: Offers enhanced durability and edge retention, ensuring your blades stay sharper for longer.
  • Precision Cutting: Engineered for 9mm knives, these blades deliver clean, consistent cuts for professional-grade results.
  • Safety Dispenser Packaging: Designed for easy access and safe handling, reducing the risk of injury during blade changes.
  • Solingen Craftsmanship: Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, renowned for its high-quality cutlery and blades, ensuring premium quality and performance.
Size: 10 Pack