MOZART Utility Blade

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Mozart Utility Blades are designed for unmatched precision and durability across a wide range of applications. Made of high-carbon ice-hardened steel, each trapezoid blade is precision-engineered for superior sharpness and longevity, ensuring consistently clean and precise cuts. Safely encased in a dispenser, these blades are user-friendly and reduce the chance of accidents when switching blades. Made with pride in Solingen, Germany, our blades are a testament to exemplary German craftsmanship, merging sophisticated manufacturing processes with stringent quality control to surpass professional expectations.

  • High-Carbon Ice-Hardened Steel: Guarantees prolonged sharpness and superior durability, keeping the blades effective for longer.
  • Versatile Precision Cutting: Ideal for a variety of uses, these blades ensure precise and clean cuts every time, enhancing work quality.
  • Safety Dispenser Packaging: Thoughtfully designed for secure blade access and handling, minimizing injury risks during blade changes.
  • Solingen Craftsmanship: Produced in the world-famous city of Solingen, known for its exceptional quality in cutlery and blades, promising unparalleled performance and quality.
Size: 10 Pack