P2 Precision Knife

Sale price$18.00

MOZART P2 craft knife is ergonomically designed to facilitate accurate fine cuts, fast blade changes, efficiency and safety. It features a micro-ventilated non-slip handle, which guarantees strain-free, safe, and accurate cutting. The blade is secured by a single knurled screw, allowing for rapid blade changes and firm fixation. Additionally, the tension-free blade fixing mechanism provides maximum protection against snapped blades, further ensuring user safety. A transparent protective cap is included for added safety when the knife is not in use. Lastly, the blades are securely stored in a safety dispenser, making this knife a reliable tool for precise cutting tasks.

  • Micro-ventilated non-slip handle ensures strain-free safe and accurate cutting
  • Blade held by a single knurled screw to enable rapid blade changing and firm fixation
  • Tension-free blade fixing provides maximum protection against snapped blades
  • Transparent protective cap
  • Blades securely stored in safety dispenser