S2 Universal Utility Knife

Sale price$50.00

The MOZART S2 utility knife is engineered in Germany and is the ideal companion for tackling any job with confidence and efficiency. The compact design is inspired by the iconic SCHILLER shape, and a specially coated surface, provide enhanced grip and control, making every task smoother and safer. Changing blades is simplified witha magnetic, tool-free blade change mechanism, allowing for quick and effortless blade replacements. With a robust blade fixation and a hardened fixture, the MOZART S2 is built to last, significantly extending the tool's lifespan. It also features a storage cartridge capable of holding up to 10 blades, ensuring you're always prepared.

  • German Engineering: High-quality construction ensures lasting use.
  • Compact Design: Inspired by the iconic SCHILLER shape for easy handling.
  • Coated Grip: Enhanced surface for superior control and safety.
  • Magnetic Blade Change: Tool-free mechanism for quick, safe blade replacement.
  • Safety Holster: Ensures safe transport with a design to attach to belt
  • Secure Blade Fixation: Hardened fixture prolongs the utility knife's lifespan.
  • Blade Cartridge: Stores up to 10 blades, keeping you prepared for any task.