MOZART Utility Blade TIN

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Mozart Utility Blades with TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating redefine excellence in cutting tools. Made from high-carbon ice-hardened steel and enhanced with a TiN coating. Offers unmatched sharpness and significantly greater durability—lasting up to four times longer than standard steel blades. TiN coating not only boosts the blade's surface toughness but also facilitates smoother, more efficient cuts by reducing friction and preventing material adhesion. Packaged in a convenient dispenser for safety and ease of use, these blades minimize the risk associated with blade changes.

  • Enhanced Durability: The TiN coating significantly increases the blade's lifespan compared to standard steel blades.
  • Superior Sharpness: Maintains an exceptional edge for more extended periods, providing consistent, high-quality cuts.
  • Reduced Friction Cutting: Smooth cutting action with minimal material sticking, thanks to the friction-reducing TiN coating.
  • Safety Dispenser Packaging: Ensures easy and safe access to blades, reducing accident risks during replacements.
  • Solingen Craftsmanship: Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, ensuring a product of unparalleled performance and quality, reflecting the city's legacy in blade making.

Size: 10 Pack