Weld Rod Trimmer Knife

Sale price$116.00

The Mozart Weld Rod Trimmer offers an easy and safe method for skiving welded seams on PVC and linoleum flooring. Designed for post-welding operation, it allows users to trim excess weld while leaving a minimal amount for cooling. The tool then utilizes a twistable guide plate to expose the cutting blade for use. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and minimizes the exposed cutting edge for safety, with the cutting edge tailored to match the weld rod width. Crafted with high-quality German carbool steel blades, the C80 promises extended durability without the need for frequent sharpening—simply replace the blade when needed.

  • Efficient Skiving: Minimizes damage to the floor covering and ensures uniform trimming results.
  • Interchangeable Blade: Simplifies the process without the need for a separate guide plate.
  • Ergonomic Design: Optimized for one-handed use, reducing back strain and promoting a natural posture.
  • German Quality: Made in Germany, ensuring premium craftsmanship and longevity.